TASKI Intellibot Robotics
More Productivity, Less Effort

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TASKI Intellibot the leader in autonomous hands-free cleaning


The TASKI Intellibot robots are an symbiosis of state of the art robot sensor technology with all attributes of a high class cleaning machine for the highest customer efficiency and best total cost of ownership.


Get back the time you need for your highest priorities.


The intellibot autonomous cleaning solutions are like an extra worker. It allows doubling the efficiency in the cleaning site what helps to control the increasing cost in the cleaning industry. The new Swingobot 2000 delivers the answer for many companies in their pursuit to increase their efficiency. Beside the economic impact the new Swingobot 2000 grantees also a reliable and high class cleaning result in a sustainable way.



Excellent operational simplicity- As key element the state of the art and big touch screen is based fully on simple self-explaining icons. Also the language can be selected and the intelligent software allows asking questions to learn more about each menu. Beside the high practicality also the aspect safety is on the highest possible level for user and environment.