Internet Of Clean
Transform The Way You Look At Cleaning

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Connected Cleaning


The Internet of Clean is a new platform which remotely monitors equipment, machines, and operations through sensor generated data. Through data analytics, complete insight is possible into operations, dosing, compliance and machine performance. The platform features a digital portal and intuitive dashboards where users can review data and trends. This quantifiable information offers our customers valuable, real-time insight, into their operations, delivered in easy and quick to interpret KPIs. This in-depth insight allows you to improve your qualitative standards while lowering the cost of cleaning and hygiene programs.


The true value of the Internet of Clean is to protect people from food poisoning and to help hospitals decrease HAI costs. It will help to protect your brands, improve customer satisfaction, save water and energy, increase labor productivity and train people remotely. The Internet of Clean will protect you, your kids, and your assets and transform the cleaning industry. These pieces come together to transform service models from reactive to proactive and predictive. The ability to maintain connectivity with these devices will allow businesses to monitor their operation remotely to improve productivity, safety and operational performance. The IoC will enable customers to improve productivity, compliance, operational performance, and sustainability.


A new view on service is possible with the Internet of Clean. An operation that is remotely monitored allows for issues to be anticipated and managed proactively, reducing downtimes. These technologies will be impacting our industry in a way that we have never imagined. It will revolutionize the way we clean and we measure the outcome of it. Among the solutions included in the Internet of Clean are IntelliTrail®, IntelliDish™, IntelliLinen, and Intellibot® robots.


Diversey Learning Management System

Make learning more efficient to your business, to your trainers, and to your employees by bringing state-of-the-art leaning management to them.